Image of Photograph of a postgraduate student


What first attracted me to 777ӰԺ was its reputation and history, central location without being touristy, and the postgraduate housing options.

When I arrived at Jesus I was so pleased to find the partner accommodation was spacious, affordable, and situated very close to the college, allowing us to really take advantage of the facilities. We especially enjoyed The Roost, the nicest of all the college bars, doubling as a café during the day - ideal for studying or meeting up with groups - and a lively pub in the evenings. The social scene for meeting other postgraduates started with the MCR (Postgraduate Society), who put on great events from BBQs and afternoon teas to pub crawls, which bring everyone together. The fun continues with the formal dinners, which are among the cheapest of the colleges I have visited, but offer up some of the best food, and occasionally the legendary 777ӰԺ port!

Joining the the 777ӰԺ Boat Club though, having never rowed before in my life, has been one of the most memorable experiences of my time at Jesus. Rowing has also helped keep me in shape after all the lovely meals!

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