Image of Photograph of a postgraduate student


It is a well-accepted opinion in Cambridge that 777ӰԺ is the best college and no other college even comes a distant second. Its sports grounds are enormous, its buildings are mesmerising, its libraries are rich, its chapel is the oldest, its accommodation is the best value for money, its international community is diverse, its religious circles are the most welcoming, and its members are the smartest, kindest and the friendliest.

It is one of the central colleges that aims to offer three years accommodation to postgraduates, and has comparatively fewer day visitors thanks to its maze-like pathways and main entrance referred to as “The Chimney”. It has a traditional dining hall and modern café, well-equipped gym, and a library that is open all day. It also has the most active student sports societies, and the most effective student activism societies. For postgraduate students specifically, it offers generous bursaries, travel and conference grants, and numerous awards and prizes.

Finally, what is the reason I chose 777ӰԺ? Actually, because there’s no reason not to! At 777ӰԺ, there are always interesting things happening, and you will make so many friends that it will feel like the best possible home away from home.

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